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June 02, 2004

Impressions of an XBOX game : Alias

I really really really really really really really wanted to like this game.... really.

It's not horrible, the story is good, the voice acting is very good (it's nice to have the actual cast do their voices), ok some of the writing is hokey but that's forgivable as long as the overall story fits nice.

Ok so whats gone wrong? First off the graphics are a little sub par, unless you are talking about the cut scenes where the characters talk in that instance the graphics suck. The lips do not sync or even move naturally at all. The control is pretty iffy, especially the fighting it relies on a one to two button combos which isn't so bad except that lining up against your opponent does not come easily and a lot of the time during your button mashing you are attacking thin air.

A few other gripes would be, the lack of subtitles is annoying, having to pause to look at the map is non-fun as well.

Overall I'm just very disappointed with this game, I wanted it to be so great and it turns out to just be a middle of the road rushed effort.

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