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February 26, 2004

It's like this and like that and like this and uhh?

just some random thoughts and opinions and whatnot for the day.

iTunes still rocks

Pepsi still refreshingly rockin', and might I ad rockin' it just a little more with every song they give me.

Sharp MT Thanks to PromoGuy for linking this bad boy up. I'm testing it out right now, if you can read this then it's working like gold.

Ok, if you can read through This letter written by Joss Whedon and still not think that he is a genius of momentous proportions, well then I may not be able to talk to you anymore (make a note, the letter was written before the beginning of this season).

Speaking of Angel, I would like to make a note that at this point The WB dropped the ball big time in cancelling Angel. I am still holding out hope that some other forward thinking network (*cough* UPN, USA, Spike, etc *cough*) will look into picking up at least one more season, give Angel the sendout he truly deserves. Until of course we can force a movie out of these characters. Anyway, on the subject of saving Angel here is a link I very much hope can help get the job done

Well damn, might as well top of the Whedon trifecta huh? No link here, just another of my sincere wishes. I really would love for there to be a Firefly movie. Ok I lied I did find this Firefly link

it has been said that Poverty sucks! I couldn't agree more. However I think I should point out that the picture attached to that post most definitely does not suck I've never met with, talked to, or even communicated with the Gnome-Girl (hence me not using her proper name) but still Icannot help myself from posting an obligatory Yowza!.

ok, semi incoherent rant coming up, you have been warned...

ITT-Tech was raided by the Feds on Wednesday, including the Portland campus that I graduated from. Of course they aren't releasing much about what the raid was for so it's all speculation. I see some interesting quotes on a local news website with some comments from a former teacher at the Portland ITT, he made some valid points about a few things. If I had to bet money I would say it has something to do with the federal aid grants and the corporate practices of ITT.

I don't want to jump up and dump on ITT too much, I did enjoy most of my time there. Although at the same time I find myself unsatisfied with a lot of my ITT experience as well. I'll start with the good stuff, the classmates I ended up with were great we meshed well together and had pretty much no conflicts, I do regret that we have mostly dropped off contact after graduation so I'm hoping for a reunion or something one day (but not until I get some form of employment). Most of the instructors I had were great as well, some very good people, very knowledgeable, what can I say other than very good. Unfortunately The instructors often times had their hands tied by the corporate background, this is where things go wrong at ITT. First off, they are very very strict about outside credits. This did not effect me, but it came up a lot and it became quite apparent that ITT did not like to accept other colleges credits, it just seemed a bit wrong the way fought you on this. Also, book buying was handled horribly. You are not allowed to purchase your own books, you must purchase your books through ITT, not only that but the price of the books is added into your tuition so you really have zero idea how much you have paid for the books (although doing a little math on our own we figured we were being overcharged by pretty decent percentage). Testing, and curriculum, How horrible were these areas, the instructors about 90% of the time seemed to have their hands tied and were unable to teach at the classes pace, also there is something to be said about midterm and final tests sent down from HQ that always seem to have at least 2 mistakes on them, like obvious mistakes. A lot of this is hard to grasp how unsettling it is if you have not gone there.

My biggest gripe though? Well it could partly be me, but I took out huge loans, I'm in horrendous debt, and ITT has $35,000 or so because of me. Yet I still feel unprepared for any kind of serious tech job, in fact I can't even get a tech job and remember, I graduated with honors into the ABK honor society.

You know it's a weird feeling, I don't think I'd like to go back and undo the two years I did at ITT, not necessarily because of the education I received (which seemed to be just adequate) but because of the people. At the same time I realize I most likely would have been better off trying to attend the community college, maybe for some good writing classes or broadcasting or something. I do know that at this point I'm not going to make it in the tech field, hell at this point I don't know if I'll make it in any field.

so in closing I will say, Thank you to the people that I was surrounded by during my ITT experience


Gee Thanks a lot ITT-Tech HQ

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