Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 05, 2004

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

Well I feel a little more lost than crazy. Nearly one year ago I graduated from ITT Tech and got my Associates in applied sciences degree. Since then I have been on very few interview and had even less success on them. I am running low on options running low on resources and running low on self esteem. I'm not sure where this ride is taking me but at this point I am feeling helpless to give it direction.

The point? I'm thinking about looking into another loan and possible scholarships/grants that would allow me to go back to ITT for the bachelors program. My hope was always to go back somewhere and get at least a bachelors if not continuing on. I planned on getting a job first, balancing a few other parts of my life getting a little money paid off on my first loan and all that before trying to head back, but things are slightly off plan.

There are big worries though, like am I smart enough and on the ball enough to keep up with these classes? Will I be able to handle getting back into a situation with 20 to 40 strangers again? Will I financially be able to work it out? See what I mean, lots of questions not many answers.

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