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February 04, 2004

100 down

So the 100th episode came and went tonight. I thought it came out pretty well for the most part. There were a couple of surprises during the hour, the most surprising one to me is the fact that this much of the story was confined to a single hour. Back in the old days the 100th episode especially one of this nature would have warranted a 2 hour special, but that seems to be in the past.

The Good
The quickness of the show in an all around way. This episode (like pretty much all good Angel episodes) moves quickly, in both action and story. I'm of the opinion that slow dragging moments in this type of show should be few and far between, and only used if necessary. This one was laid out pretty well.

The humor, this one had plenty of that Whedon style humor that I do so love. Of course sarcasm one liners, and zingers are some of my favorite things, but when you mix them into what should be a very dark serious moment that just makes it all the better. I believe it is the inappropriateness of it all that makes it work so well.

Remembering fallen allies...
not just as a fan of the show, but as a fan of the actor Glenn Quinn I personally really enjoyed the small scene where they viewed Doyle's poorly acted out commercial for Angel Investigations. It was just a small thing, but I think it was nice and worked on more levels than just to advance the story of the show.

I hope I'm not alone in this, but I am actually liking what they are doing with Harmony here. Also, how can you not enjoy just saying the name Mercedes McNab? By the way I have to throw some credit her way, Harmony is a character that would be very easy to say I hate. But so far I am able to avoid that statement.

And finally of course Spike.
He didn't do a whole lot special this week, but I promised myself I would never again speak of the high points of an Angel show without mentioning how happy I am that Spike is still around.

The not so good
The speed at which some of the story had to go. As I eluded to earlier, I feel this episode could have used a little more fleshing out. Really with another half hour to an hour of show time for what they did tonight they could have made it a spectacular showing rather than just a good one. Especially the confrontation seen in the basement, I know it isn't completely over but the first confrontation should be a special one should it not?

I have a feeling they must be headed somewhere with this. But if they aren't I am really not liking what is happening with Gunn's character, it's bad enough

He was too toned down this week for my taste. Probably once again due to time. He is of course more of a background character in most cases, only taking center stage for a scene or two. But usually he adds in on the good humor of the show with his quick mouth. This isn't a big one but I noticed it so I suppose it was big enough.

Non surprising endings
I knew the eventual outcome or at least what you would call the slightly more than basic outlines of the eventual outcome of the episode by the half hour mark. I suppose the intent with the ending was for a little closure although I'm not so sure that is necessarily a good think in this case.. at least in my book.

As for the preview of next weeks All New Angel. It looks like it is going to be a fluff episode, but not a bad one. Angel/Spike interaction is one of the things I was really looking forward to seeing when I heard Marsters was joining the cast of Angel. I just worry when they have to give the episode title along with the shows name in the preview. I blame Charmed for that particular quirk.

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