Thursday, February 01, 2007

March 31, 2004


Ok, so here is what I've found out so far about my quest for the almighty XBox. I'm going to be a little bit low. Locally I can get a pre-played Box for 119.99 but if I'm going to get pre-played and not refurbished I may as well go with GameStop where I can get one for the same price with a free game and free 2 day shipping. For another 10 dollars either place I could get a refurbished machine. Problem is, in the spare cash department next month I will have about 109 and change, this makes the pre-played nearly feasable if feats are taken.

What feats could be taken to pluck me up into the category where I could afford the system? I could sell my N64. Not that I'm thrilled at that idea, but in reality I will never really play the system again so it's just for collectables sake, and honestly it's not as nostalgically delicious as my NES is. The best price I can find for the system unfortunately is 10 whopping dollars. So that would put me up to enough for the replayed system for sure, and then I could use my N64 games as hopefully trade ins to pick up a new (used) XBox game or two.

Oh sure, I could try my hand at EBay-ing the old N64 system, but there are no guarantees with that, besides the fact that I have no prior selling history and absolutely no idea what it would even cost to ship something the size of a console system. Plus I'm impatient, and I am not very knowledgeable in the Ebay way.

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