Thursday, February 01, 2007

March 17, 2004

I'm not wearing any green

So it's St. Patrick's Day again, what does that mean? I will be sporting even less green than normal. Why you ask? Isn't this the opposite of what is normally done? Are you mad? Well the fact is I have proclaimed immunity to the pinching effects of this day as part of my birthday rule set. Tomorrow the 18th is my birthday you see, and as such when I was younger I was forced to endure nothing but green green green everywhere on my birthday and everywhere you could imagine so I got burnt out on it pretty quick.

What a birthday it will be huh, another day of hiding out from the general public maybe watch a dvd or something. Being broke sucks normally, being broke on your birthday is just crap. Tack the broke factor in with the non-party-er factor and you can tell pretty much how my day will be.

So in addition to ordering myself WrestleMania this year I actually also managed to go to a movie with a friend, we saw Hidalgo

The movie was pretty excellent if you ask me. It was exactly what I needed it to be when I saw it, and that is Action packed with a touch of history and for the type of flick much more story than I expected.

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