Thursday, February 01, 2007

March 11, 2004

shelving pain

I moved my shelves from my old room downstairs to my new tiny closet of a room upstairs today, well kind of. I will finish tomorrow, I put the tracks on the wall fine, had them all lined up, go them straight, got them all nice and level, put the brackets on, put the shelf on the first set of brackets, and watched it crash down onto the bed underneath.

As far as I can tell I must have put the damn tracks on the wall upside down. MY KINGDOM FOR AN ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVER. Screwing and unscrewing things into a wall by hand is just brutal, especially while standing on a bed and trying not to move so much that you have to remake the thing.

I got my headphones all ordered and on their way to my door. I also was able to pawn off my old ugly lime green GameBoy color and some CD's for about 22 dollars, that means I might just be able to order myself a birthday present of the Internet feed of WWE WrestleMania 20.... maybe..

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