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January 29, 2004

TV trips

It may seem like I watch way way too much TV, even to me most times. But it keeps my mind occupied and you have to remember when I watch TV I am almost always doing something else, I simply cannot concentrate on one thing for too long unless it is really really entrenching. So this is my main viewing so far this week.

Alias: When this show comes on, the lights go out the house must be hushed and my undivided attention is given to the show. I didn't see any of the first season but I got into it about the second episode of the second. So on a lot of story lines background info I am playing catch up (more so last season than this one). The story this season is keeping my attention pretty good, some nice twists are mixed in there (both obvious and unexpected). I'm keeping this one in my weekly routine for as long as it's around I'm sure.

American Idol: For the first season of American Idol I watched exactly zero episodes, for the second season I ended up watching almost the complete last half. This season I've seen all the shows. I'm still not a huge fan of the show, I definitely have other things going on when this show is on. I kind of like the first elimination rounds, but only for the responses of the judges (There really is nothing like seeing Randy just lose it laughing and then having Simon come up with a new criticism). Honestly I'm really not into the singing as much as I am the process and the humor. For the record last season I feel Kimberly got bumped off way too early, I didn't like Clay from the first time I saw him, and I instantly knew Ruben would win. For this season it's way too early to pick, but there has been some impressive voices (and some absolutely unacceptable ones as well). So far my favorite is the girl that that reminds everyone of Kimberly from last year.

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: I was very very worried about this show. I have no doubt that as consulate an entertainer as John Ritter was he definitely would have wanted the show to go on, so no problem with me there. I was worried about them handling it correctly, coming out of the low point and still being able to deliver a show that could be a tribute and not a sad reminder.

I admit the first couple of shows after coming back (of course not counting the hour special dealing with the actual death) were slow, light on the laughs and a little uncomfortable to watch. Actually it was almost like watching the first few episodes of a new unsure show. Since then however they have pulled the show back up. Especially the last couple of weeks with David Spade, I am loving the flow of the show, the quality of the humor and the chemistry of the entire cast. It just all works for me in a phenomenal way, in fact sitcoms don't usually get my full attention but for the last 2 weeks this one has gotten me to put the old laptop down and pay attention.

I'm With Her: For the longest time the quality of sitcoms had just gone down to nothing. Not anymore, oddly enough ABC seems to have recaptured the ingredients of making good funny. I was completely ready to think this show was nothing but unfunny fluff from the beginning, mainly because of the over hyping ABC did with it. Unfortunately I was disappointed. I found I was completely unable to hate this who, and in fact I really like it. Again like '8 Simple Rules, According to Jim, and the as yet unmentioned here Married to the Kelly's' to me this show just kind of "feels right" like the feeling I remember sitcoms used to give me. Though out of all the shows I watch regularly this one is probably the most fluff filled I still don't think I'll give it up anytime soon.

According to Jim: Jim Belushi + comedy + TV = good time. There really is no way around it. This is another show where the cast just seems to have a complete chemistry. I slam my head into the wall when I realize that I have not seen the entire first season, I bet they went through some pretty interesting phases before hitting their stride. By the way Kimberly Williams Paisley is just perfect on this show. I hope to see her moving on to bigger things eventually (you know once the show has run it's hopefully long lived course).

Angel: Angel can at times be a mixed bag. The show started out really strong for me, then Doyle died and I entered a depression. I still watched and about a quarter of a way into the second season it hit a good stride for a while. then it kind of evolved into a one week on one week off type vibe. Then after all of that there was last season, a very dark season but a very watchable one. So far this season is going on a 2 weeks on one week off type deal for me, although the last couple shows have been great.

Great or ordinary this is one show that I never miss and always stop everything for. Make no mistake I am a big fan of Joss Whedon's work, pretty much all of it. In most cases the worst Whedon show is better than any other "good" show out on the air.

Below I have sort of a mini rant / thought fest that might contain some small spoilers about this weeks Angel. I decided I better hide it in case anyone happens by that tapes it and hasn't seen it yet

Since it's fresh in my mind at the moment there were a few things about this weeks Angel that bothered me. My first problem came right after Spike took a dive out the window. I find it hard to believe that Spike would not have realized on his own that the girl he just fought was a slayer. I wasn't a fan of the updates we got on the Buffy cast, after all that happened with them would they really allow themselves to be that separated it kind of goes against the theme of family bond and Buffy being so successful a Slayer because she kept her friends close. Then of course there were Andrews parting words, I hated the way that played out. I understand the idea of what he said was important to the story, and I understand the reason for all of it and that part I do like. What I did not like was the delivery, and then of course the deliverer. I like Andrew as a character, and it is fitting that he somehow ended up as a part of the team, but he should not be substituted in the story lines for a regular member of the old team and I think someone with some status should have been the one to deliver that message.

Of course for all I know Joss tried to get someone a little more substantial but found them all to be busy and had to settle for second string. Since I don't read spoilers or too much behind the scene stuff in advance I Really don't know.

I guess I'll end this post/rant by pointing out the highlight of the episode for me. It comes actually as a highlight and a half, first I'll bring up the smaller of the good things. It was really about time that one of the "potentials" who was activated by Willows spell showed up on Angel. The big good this week came with Spike though. Finally he is getting some fleshed out storyline coverage dealing with his past deeds and his new soul, and it appears as if his attitude is changing slightly (though not enough to take his edge away hopefully). I really like this, it means more Spike, and in my book that is a good thing. On a side note, I have this gut feeling that if the show lasts another season or two there is going to have to come a time where they have a big showdown between Spike and Angelus, in fact I just might smell sweeps all over that one.

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