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January 26, 2004

Geeky links

PC Club
- PC Club is pretty good chain of PC and parts stores with a nice online store as well. I mainly use the site for the forums, it's a pretty good community there and can be very helpful as well as fun.

- Webopedia saved me many many times on many many writing assignments. Basically it's an encyclopedia of techy terms. Some of the definitions and explanations can be a little short but usually it's enough to get you started and answer any basic questions you have.

Dos Self Study
- A little seventeen lesson crash course on DOS. I ran across this while attempting to relearn DOS for a possible job interview (which never panned out). I thought it was a cool little study lesson so I kept the link around.

Tweak your OS to make it run smoother, also tighten up security. BlackViper has some pretty good tips on what you should do to clean things up and make a happy system.

Project Gutenberg
- Project Gutenberg, what can I say. If you don't know what it is by now you really should. I love reading, I wish I had read a few more of the "classics" when I was younger, and now I can make up for my misspent youth... legally without paying.

Dreamcast Emulation
-Dreamcast emulation. Some very cool stuff that might make you feel less bad about going out and spending cash on a Dreamcast while it was still full price. Might I suggest looking into the NES emulation, there is nothing like The Legend of Zelda, or Punch Out while playing on a Dreamcast.

linuxgazette windows/Linux program compare
- This has a little article and a very nice list of Windows programs programs and their Linux counterparts.

GRUB Bootloader
- Grub. A very good bootloader, it's what I use when I have more than one OS choice on a machine at any given time. I used to be a Lilo user, but only because it is what I learned on. After trying Grub I try not to go back unless it's unavoidable.

Homestar Runner's Strongbad
- Strongbad!!! Extremely funny, might I suggest viewing this one specifically as it's always been my favorite Trogdor the Burninator

Color chart
- A color chart with the hex values for each color. This happens to be the one I keep in my bookmarks.

ITT-Tech Virtual Library
- Any past or present ITT-Tech students would be wise to keep up their membership in this library. Very nice reference material, or just general tech reading. Access to a lot of good magazine articles etc.. as well as complete books.

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The DC Emulation is a blast, I was given a DC by a friend and that site has led to a lot of fun with an outdated system. Very much worth the $20 they sell for now.

Posted by: PromoGuy at January 28, 2004 07:09 AM

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