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January 25, 2004

Sharp as a... umm not so sharp thing

Well, I think everything is working pretty well now. I did a lot of reverse engineering on the CSS file, and a little on the index just to move things around. I still can't believe how much of my coding ability I lost, and how difficult a time I am having with all the CSS commands. Maybe one day I'll have more patience and I'll be able to pick up at least a basics book on it to read through. Until then I'm stuck getting basic templates and editing them to my liking (even if it means quite a bit of trial and error).

My original idea with the theme of my first style was an attempt at a black and white style. Inspired of course by the movie Clerks which I always put on in the background when I need to think. I'm not sure how well I succeeded on the whole B&W feel, but at least to me on my screen the colors seem to work well together. I've encountered just a few small snags so far, first off in IE the outline around my banner is way too big, and there is a purple colored outline around the actual banner picture itself. I do not see this particular problem in Mozilla. The second problem is spacing issues on my sidebar, I want to move it just a tad higher, but it doesn't seem to want to move which means I must be looking over the correct piece of code somewhere. And finally it seems that ever once in a while my sidebar and main blog text will be up into my banner when I first load the page but after a reload it fixes itself. It doesn't do it every time but it has done it on both IE and Mozilla which worries me.

I built a Text America page as well, since I do have a pretty nice digital cam (nope no cell phone for me, at least not until I get me one of those job things). The styling on that was definitely an experience for me, I still haven't gotten it great but at least it matches up to my main blog now.

Finally, I did build a banner. It's not great, it's not beautiful, it's not even really meaningful. But I think it at least does look a little bit better than just the words "Askewed Views . Net". I'm definitely no graphic artist I just play around a little in psp mostly with text so I did a little playing and came up with a little text fun that I didn't hate. After that I realized I needed to add just a little something else to make the banner a little less boring, for a reason best left unexplained (even to myself) I had a picture of the old WWF Intercontinental title on my desktop. A couple minute later after some minor tweaking I was able to put it in the banner, make it match save it upload it and do a little more playing with code and viola my banner seems to be in place.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, this is my first post to be done outside of the web interface. I am trying out SharpMT 2.1 So far it's been super easy to set up, and it looks great, the real test is to see if this entry posts or if I condemn it somehow into cyberspace oblivion. Posted by Pierce at January 25, 2004 01:52 AM

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