Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 11, 2004

as far as weeks go, this one wasn't so weak

So for the last few days I have had a LOT to write about, why didn't I? New things to write about kept popping up and taking my time away from me. Even now I'm stealing time during commercials of Smallville, and probably Angel. Then I will have to finish it after that.

So, starting on Sunday night.

I watched Butterfly Effect. When I saw the previews for this flick I thought it looked great, when I saw Ashton Kutcher was in it I was less than enthused. Don't get me wrong, I like Ashton on that 70's show, and Punk'd but for me his movies just didn't do much for me. Let me tell you right now that he showed me something in this movie. Ashton Kutcher showed me I could be wrong, he did just an amazing job and I came out of it with a completely new opinion about him. Amy Smart did a brilliant job as well, although that didn't surprise me as much.

Aside from the acting there was the style and the story. It's tough to say too much without giving away parts of the story and really this is one movie I feel has to be experienced rather than read bout. As I said I went into it with low expectations and was blown away with what I saw, some very nice twists and turns along the way the one thing this movie did was keep me guessing, and that is a good thing.

Having said all of that, there still were a few problems. As usual if you are nitpicky like I can be you can detect little bits of story that are missing that just should not be, maybe a few lines that should be changed and a scene or two that could have been swapped out for more important ones. But really as you can see the problems here are pretty generic and most movies have them.

I'm not sure if Butterfly Effect is going to be a big award winner, but if they had an award for most pleasantly surprising performance Kutcher would be a shoe in. After this I can actually see him going places in a real acting world.

Coming up in a bit, my post on MONDAY

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