Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 01, 2004

Innocence lost...

Just a few post game thoughts.

First of all, the actual game itself, quite boring I felt. True I'm not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I do remember the Super Bowl used to hold my attention well enough to warrant watching it. For the last few years it has seemed quite . . . Blah is the word that comes to mind. There were a very few shining moments of game play but other than that it was just boring as hell. I did however manage to pick the winner yet again, I wish I would have had cash to put money on it I'm pretty sure I would have come out on top.

The half time show. I'm not a fan of most of the music that was there, I did enjoy Kid Rock, nobody else really though. But that is not what we are here to talk about is it?? Course not, the big news of the halftime show was the little surprise ending. Unfortunately I did not catch it live, mainly because I was so not into the music that I was on an e-mail check during the singing. Thank goodness for the Internet though huh? I was able to see pictures and a gif (more on that in a second) of the incident. Here are my thoughts. CBS had an apology right after the show, Timberlake had an apology after the show. They seemed almost pre planned to me. I also remember there was something said about a promise of shocking moments during the halftime show. I say CBS could be in some hot water, as could the NFL seeing as how the FCC has been on a pretty good fining binge lately.

As far as looking around the Internet for Janet's little slip, don't bother searching all over. The Drudge Report Has not only a decent sized picture right up top but there is also an animated gif of the pulling (which looks intentional to me). Be careful with this one though, it goes straight to nudity, no warning no nuthin. There are also a few links about the pre game "shocking moments" announcement" and the post game apology on The Druge Report site.

OK, onto the good stuff. The commercials, I thought there were a few good, a few bad, and a few "why waste super bowl money on this ordinary commercial?".

First, my Willie commercial did not disappoint me one bit, I Loved it completely. I suppose you have to know a little about Willie's background to totally "get" the commercial, but I think it's still funny even without the into. Real quickly a few of the other ads I liked were; on a small level the AOL9.0 ads were kinda funny, the Budweiser commercials were almost all good but I don't envision the flatulent one getting much airtime during normal programming, The Simpsons Mastercard was very well done I Loved the style of it, the Staples one was good for me something in that just clicked me as entertaining but I can't explain it, and finally I'll cut this short to avoid changing my list format I will state the I still love the trunk monkey commercials and the new one is no exception.

Want to see the ads again, or possibly missed them the first time? (shame on you). Lucky for you iFilm has almost all of them up for your viewing pleasure RIGHT HERE Be careful though, that link keeps crashing Mozilla but IE is working fine on it. Sadly, I don't see the trunk monkey anywhere on the list (I might have overlooked it) but they do have "Kerri & Misty Play Snow Volleyball" So happy viewing.

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