Thursday, February 01, 2007

August 24, 2004

Butterfly Effect.. revisited

So I rented the Directors cut of The Butterfly Effect

As usual with this type of movie knowing what is going to happen next kind of puts a damper on a little bit of the fun, but not so much that it isn't still a fun movie to watch. Overall I would say the movie held up quite nicely to a second viewing at home. In fact I really liked the aspect of being in a quiet small completely dark room for this movie, to me it helped bring out the dark tone throughout the movie.

Of course everything I liked the first time around I still liked this time. Ashton Kutcher still amazed me with his performance, Amy Smart continues to amaze me. I just really liked the entire feel of this movie, very nice piece of dark fantasy I must say. Thumbs up, many stars, full moon, whatever rating system you like we can go with just rent or buy this one and watch it.

On a side note I was looking at the IMDB board on this flick while getting the address for the info and I have to say something. Sometimes you just have to realize it's a freaking movie and it's going to have some small plotholes or logic flaws in it, if it deals with time travel odds are it won't be scientifically correct, and just because most other time travel movies follow certain "rules" doesn't mean they all have to or even should. Variety can be good, and in fact is needed otherwise the complaint would be that the movie is repetitive or a rip off.

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