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April 18, 2004

Oprah Uma, Uma Oprah

"I'm friggin bored" ... those are the words that came through my computer to me at about 9 PM this evening... What importance do they have? Not a whole lot normally, but tonight they earned their wings. After some pointless crude and downright sophomoric banter between us happened to say "Well under normal circumstances I would say let's just take off now and see Kill Bill instead of waiting until tomorrow... Under normal circumstances I would say that, but sadly I'm broke this month and can only fund a matin?e price.". "How much do you need, I'll cover it". And with the second set of important words my night kicked into gear.

I'm not generally one to "rock the boat" I usually stick to my plans and boring same old life, but on occasion .. special occasions I feel the need to do something that is different, like taking off without a second thought about it. (I know I sound boring huh? .. Truth is, I am.. in fact I'm very boring .. but that's another story)

So, he shows up, Great he's early plenty of time to go over the events of Kill Bill vol. 1 and inset a healthy amount of filthy dirty disgusting Boy's night out only humor. After much laughter and recapping on the ride over we make it to the theater. It looks as if there is a line, but wait no, it's a group of teenagers and they are standing off to the side, hmm that's odd whatever could they be doing? Walking by them was no picnic, as I found the disgusting scent of burning pot lingering in the air around them, I worked my hardest to keep my composure, I said nothing to them, I did however make a comment to my friend I'm sure loud enough for the "potheads" to hear. So we wait behind the few people who were actually in line, pay our cash ($8.25 a person) at the door and enter the theater. I felt a sharp pain as I was forced to walk past the concession stand without the normal purchase of a soda but being on a budget is tough business. Now in the theater just about 15 minutes before the movie starts, the usual advertisements and NBC driven distractions, in the middle of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force video an oddly familiar group entered the theater, they sat relatively close cracked a few jokes about some of the other people in to see the movie, appeared to take a look at me and oddly got quiet (good it seems they just might have heard my comment, bully for me). Previews start, but really it's the same 4 or 5 previews that they have been showing for the last few months I cannot tell you how psyched I am NOT to see Troy.

The movie starts, I can already tell it's going to be a special experience just by the monologue that Uma Thurman has in about the first minute and a half. I do not want to go into any real details on the movie really, if I do I could ruin the experience. I will say this, if I hadn't been totally in love with the way Quentin made movies before I saw this I sure as heck would be in love with it now. KBv2 was chock full of a complete mixture of Cheesy, predictable, crass, intelligent, unexpected, disgusting, delightful, confusing, enlightening, freaky, and coolness. It's a total good time, and yet there are a few scenes in that movie that just leave you feeling like you are out of your skin ... just really freak you out moments but in a good way.

So after the movie, well frankly that is the part of the night that is right now, and instead of going to bed like I should be doing I found myself too awake and still too jazzed from the flick to do anything but attempt to write a quick not here so that I may have something to jog my memory of the night. I find myself marveling still at the style clash between KBv1 and KBv2, 1 was just action and blood and sword play and fun, 2 was extremely lighter on the hardcore fighting, but much deeper in the storyline. Both movies are great, both movies for different reasons. I would love to sit down and watch them as one flick and see how that goes, in fact maybe one day I'll get my chance.

So for those keeping score, my recommendation for Kill Bill volume 2, GO SEE IT! Go see it now, just don't take your small children or easily disgusted friends.

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