Thursday, February 01, 2007

April 06, 2004

Ain't that a kick in the balls

Well the braintrust over at Fox decided to dump WonderFalls already.

Gee I can't imagine why the show never got the chance it deserved, I mean wow. Let's see, we will take a show that has one strike against it already (being a midseason replacement show) and we will put it in the absolute Worst time slot we have available (Fridays at ohh let's say 9), then after not enough real promotion and one terrible time slot why don't we go ahead and make things even worst by changing nights suddenly and we will put it in an almost equally horrible timeslot (Thursdays at 9). Of course after all that excitement why don't we just go ahead and cancel it after the first showing in it's new timeslot.

I understand poor ratings, but apparently I do not understand the way a network thinks. For the record I checked the schedule and this week in place of WonderFalls Fox is showing an encore presentation of The Swan, a show that I personally find deplorable and I really hope it bites Fox right in the ass.

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