Sunday, May 27, 2007

This is what I listen to when I write.

Seriously, if you don't know who Mindi Abair is you really should.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's really good! It's quite mind clearing...meaning in a soothing way. Haha! I even got a few ideas just listening to that. Now as to what I listen to when I write...well that's a government top security secret..;)

Thanks for sharing! :)

I might have to go find more of her. I grew up on sax players. (Mom)


FatalPierce said...

I find that when I am trying to put words down to paper (or computer screen) that music can help, but lyrics often distract me.

I have also always had a thing for the Sax. I used to play it myself, I wish I still did...but that is a lame story for another time.

The Mindi lip I was looking for on Youtube that I didn't find was her at last years MDA telethon. She was on very late/eary (something like 4:30 I believe) and definitely worth staying awake for.

Anonymous said...

I understand that philosophy. Lyrical content in music while writing can be a bit of a distraction but sometimes it triggers inspiration. Maybe just a certain word will stick in your head and lead you to a different direction in your writing. However, I too mainly listen to non lyrical content while writing. Although, it's still a top security secret. ;)

I grew up listening to jazz. Sax ironically is one of my favorite instruments, next to the piano. It's very soothing but can bring out the energy in you too. It is a very versatile instrument. :)

You mean people actually still watch MDA telethons??? Wow..I thought I was the only one left...LOL