Monday, May 14, 2007

And now this is happening

So a few weeks back I was playing around on Last.FM and I was reminded of just how awesome TMBG is. The trigger song was Particle Man. That Last.FM encounter lead me to finding this video which was actually my first exposure to TMBG.

After that I easily found this my second exposure to their music.

And since I promised myself that every third or so youtube video that I post here has to be this I now present to you a small clip of the talented Kim Morgan's appearance on Ebert & Roeper

Yes I know this isn't real content, but it is fun (and I maintain that the cip of Kim is pure gold!). I do promise I have something brewing but until I can track down my copy of “Brainsmasher: A Love Story” and “The Postman” I'm afraid I won't be able to complete what I have planned.

Now seriously why are you still here? Go read Kim's stuff, or check out what FinalGirl Stacie Ponder has been up to or find out whats new with The McGuffin.

P.S. When you visit FinalGirl make sure you check out the next Film Club pick. I plan on participating and you should join in as well!


The McGuffin said...

Hey Pierce, I knew there must be some other "Giants" fans out in the world. Their music to so catchy, so funny and downright infectious.

I have only seen them live once back in '92, here in Spokane at "The Met" which seats about 800 and we were lucky enough to be 4th row center. The band put on a memorable show, the highlight of the night? A blistering and raucous cover of Edgar Winters' "Frankenstein" complete with a thunderous accordion. Not joking, it was epic.

Also, thanks for the shout out.

Anonymous said...

I shall do a proper comment to your original blog post once my internet decides to cooperate and let me view the videos. My problem..not yours. :) However in the meantime...I challenge thee Pierce....if you choose to accept it...there will be great reward at the end. You shall impress me. :) That will be your reward...soooo here you go:

Let's test your movie buffness...;)


FatalPierce said...

Hey Robert, Yeah their music seems to have a certain energy about it as well. I found it pretty helpful during cram sessions back in the schooling days.

The concert sounds like a good one, I have actually never caught them live. I really need to remedy that.

As for the shout out, it was well deserved. I do have to admit that more than a few of your posts recently have made me a bit homesick for the northwest.

Ah Ash, a challenge? I'll accept but I fear that it will in the end embarrass me more than earn me points. I haven't looked at the full movie list, but there are some key classics I have yet to get to.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Fear not, my list was dreadful. It's up on my blog. I'm quite ashamed it if myself. *hangs head* However, there is some disagreement about some of those movies being the best of all time. I mean for example, several appear to be lacking. Was Baseketball not even nominated? Where is Ferris? And someone must have put baby in a corner then? ;)