Friday, May 25, 2007

Because once just wasn't enough

We were all "Zapped Again"

The fact that I have seen this movie at least 4 times in full should tell you a few things about me during my childhood.

1)I lacked supervision
2)I lacked judgment
3)I had a healthy respect for Rhonda Shear


FatalPierce said...

and of course by "at least 4" I mean closer to 8

Anonymous said...

*thud* What you just heard is the sound of this poster hitting the not fret she was not hurt...just merely shocked into oblivion due to several reasons:

1) She actually remembers that movie.
2) She was transported back to her younger years..which scared her.
3) She actually remembers *UP* all night. (high pitched UP included)

So once she gets up from the floor and shakes the cobwebs out of her brain....she'll be normal again. Normal?? What the heck is that???

Just a simple warning next time, if you are going to go WAY back like that...give some advance notice so she can place pillows all around on the floor near her computer chair. :)

The McGuffin said...

Pierce, You must remain focused! Don't get all distracted by Rhonda's cleavage and crazy upskirt shots of cheerleaders from Zapped 2. OK, Linda Blair has never looked more stunning, I'll give you that. But keep to the list, watch some classics, take a series of ice cold showers if needed and get on that Mockingbird review.

What event did you see at The Arena here in town? And you said your bros. wife is from Spokane if I'm not mistaken? Cool.

FatalPierce said...

The really unfortunate part of all this is that it started out as a joke and now I have this sad sad urge to hunt both Zapped movies down. But no you are right, I need to keep to the list..I must stick my guns I must not succumb to the cleavage. I must be strong!

The good news and bad news of the day is I have my Mockingbird review up. I think I thought too much on it though, I know I missed some points I wanted to make.

I didn't see anything special in the arena there, it was just a wrestling show and yep my brothers wife hails from Spokane, but don't worry I won't hold that against you.