Friday, March 14, 2008

Another little peek at my personal brand of neurosis

So its almost time again. Another private little movie marathon. If you haven’t noticed I tend to do those on holidays and the such. Really I blame the entire tradition on Thanksgiving, it started out in the old days with the MST3K marathon that they ran and then moved on to the Bondathons and somewhere in between I realized that I could put my own day of flicks together and not be bound by the constraints of a single series. These days it really does pretty much encompass most "party" or get together days, I really am not a partier in any sense of the word so putting these together gives me something to do on those occasions. If anyone else is around and wishes to attend a viewing I’m not opposed but if they want to do their thing I’m fine with that too. Just let me have my movies!

So this is the big one coming up. My B-Day-athon (I really should name it). In recent years it has run for not just the one day but two. That makes it not only an entertainment extravaganza but also a test of endurance! I try to one up myself from year to year, I don’t know if I’ll do it this year but I’m going to give it a shot.

The short list of what I watched last year was, "The Departed," "The Evil Dead," "The Proposition," "Borat," "Magnum Force," "Battle Royale," "The Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn," and "Baby Doll." In reality there were more plus some TV shows but those were the core that I stopped everything and watched.

Talk about rangy by the way, that is quite a motley group of flicks. I really wish that "Borat" hadn’t of been in there to drag the average down. But "The Departed," "Baby Doll" and "Battle Royale" really helped bring the average back up for sure! The "Evil Dead" flicks I’d seen already of course, "Magnum Force" was exactly what I expected which was good, it really helped wake me up after sitting through "Borat." As for "The Proposition, honestly I remember sitting through it, I have bits of memories but that was like the last movie I watched before bed on the second day and I think I was fried at that point. I may have to put it in rotation this year just so I can form an opinion!

So here is the problem. I don’t have a solid lineup yet. Thats really no good since the thing is supposed to start on Monday and run through Tuesday.

So far for sure I have; "Once" and "Scarecrows." Netflix pending I should possibly have "The Haunting," and "Music and Lyrics." So that means so far I have the horror, romance, and sap areas covered. I still need at least one foreign and one classic, a sci-fi wouldn’t hurt either. If the net is cooperative I’m also hoping to use Netflix’s stream now to catch "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls."

But that still leaves me fairly light, especially with all the ifs I’m smelling off of this plan (IF Netflix comes through, IF the net is speedy enough).

Some that I’m on the fence about for the ‘thon that I’ve been meaning to watch eventually that are available on Netflix’s stream now; "La Vie en Rose," "Descent" (not "The Descent" I’ve seen that), "Network," "The Day the Earth Stood Still," "The Bridge on the River Kwai," "The Shining," "Dial M for Murder" (which I can’t believe I’ve never seen from beginning to end).

So, any suggestions? Am I missing something I MUST see, I should look for? Obviously I’m fairly flexible on what I watch, I’ll give almost anything a shot sometimes I even give them two shots (Except for "The Wizard of Oz" and "A Christmas Story". They’ve used up all of their shots! ...You too "Titanic.")

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