Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey, Internet, Stop being Such Cynical Effing Douchebags Blog-a-Thon: Askewed Style

So once again Fearless Leader a.k.a Stacie from Final Girl has sent out a call to arms. The mission to catch Moose and Squirrel To stop the Internet douchebaggery, at least for a day. A quite fortuitous day as a matter of fact for I happen to know that on this very day (March 18) in the year of 1981 something incredibly magical and awesome happened, the original pilot for “The Greatest American Hero” debuted! Ok I'm off track again...So basically the call was put out for us to dump the cynicism for a day and speak up about something, anything, film related that was good. The first really good thing about the whole thing was of course the title HEY, INTERNET, STOP BEING SUCH CYNICAL EFFING DOUCHEBAGS BLOG-A-THON!

So I'm taking a break again from my marathon to put down a few thoughts. Actually the timing is pretty good as I was about to move on to the horror section, so my brain is really doing a twist. But I digress

So, what makes me happy about the world of film which I have chosen to throw myself to totally in to? Such a difficult question honestly. I have been known to be a bit cynical myself from time to time, ok most of the time. But one thing I hope people have been able to grasp from my writings (as insane as they can be) is that in the core I really do love film and I really do want to like every one I see.

But I have come up with something to focus on. Something relatively new (to me anyway). The thing these days that absolutely blows me out of my fucking mind with joy these days surrounding film is the community of people that you can now find to connect with, especially online.

Now I totally understand that this could just an “it is just me and the sad pathetic sheltered life I've lead “ type thing but the truth is in the off line world I don't have a lot of friends who are into films and movies the way that I am. Sure they like them, they watch them and enjoy them as most people do. But they have no desire to actually discuss them, or review them, or even really think about them all that much 10 minutes or so after the things are over. But thanks to the marvel that is the Internet there is a bevy if insightful, intelligent, fun, interesting, and on occasion crazy (in the best of ways!) people discussing, reviewing, and hell even complaining about films of all kinds old and new. That is awesome!

Warning, name droppery is about to commence

So here is where this all fits in with me and why I'm so grateful to have found my way to these parts. In the past I've been honest about my bad film habits, I thought I knew what was good but looking back I realize what I had was a very serious case of film immaturity. That changed quite quickly once I found my way to the incredible Kim Morgan's Sunset Gun. I don't want to say that Kim's writing inspired me, that is a bit cliché but it certainly made me think. In my brain things just seemed to start clicking a little differently when I thought back to things I thought I didn't enjoy the first time around or movies that I didn't get I was able to understand from a different point of view and enjoy. A great example of a mind changer for me was Kim's thoughts on Gus Van Sant's 1998 remake of Psycho. A flick that I immediately discarded out of loyalty to the original but turned a complete 180 on after a repeated viewing keeping Kim's feelings in mind.

So that was a good start but the amazing stuff really happened when I started branching out. Kim made references to the great Headquarters 10 and to Dennis over at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule (a blog name that I can only describe as “owning” or as the kids say these days “pwning” whatever that is) among others.

As a matter of fact it was through Kim's that I found Final Girl and this will deserve it's own new section that we shall call!

Ass kissery at it's finest. Also the definition of finding new things

So why was Final Girl such a big deal? Aside from the obvious I mean. Well for me two things. I'll start off going back to what I originally was speaking about, community. Stacy doesn't just write her stuff but she invites others to do their own writing, the FGFC and these blog-a-thons are perfect examples. I find that not only awesome, but admirable. Yes I called you admirable Stacie deal with it! So really what that did was it took a one sided object (blog reading) and added a form of real discussion and thought into it, multiple sides all coming together discussing something for better or worse.

Oh yeah and also thanks to the Internet and in particular again Stacie not only was I able to overcome my past bad film habits in all other genres but through her writing, and the discussions and the film club I was also able to establish a relationship with a genre that I had previously thought that I didn't enjoy at all; horror.

Again this may lead you to draw conclusions about the fucked-upness of my childhood but the reality is that the first horror/thriller type movie that I actually ever really gave the time and energy to watch was “Scream” if you are doing the math that means I was about 15 probably closer to 16 as it was on video when I saw it before I even approached the genre. I enjoyed it at the time but really just kind of avoided them or if I did watch I didn't really give them that close a mind. Honestly at this point I have no idea why. I just had no context about them I suppose. But like enjoyed Stacie's writing and she seemed to really enjoy and have passion for these films and others around her involved in the comments and the club all seemed to be having a blast as well and that got my interest going. It pushed me to push myself and my limits as a viewer and As it turns out Horror very quickly skyrocketed in my esteem and is now very possibly my favorite genre.

I guess what it really breaks down to here is passion. I LOVE the passion that people can exert towards films they love, or even films they hate. I love when the passion brings them to share their feelings. So in essence, and this may sound a little bit strange but, what I love about film is actually just how much that other people also seem to love it.

So to the film blogger community I send out a big HELL YEAH and a cheers!

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