Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good fight, good night

I've often wondered how many five year olds I could take in a fight but now thanks to over at the mystery is solved!


No actual five years olds were injured in the making of this post ......yet


The McGuffin said...

Now just because you can clobber 28 five year old doesn't mean you should. But damn, that's an impressive number.

Merry Christmas!

FatalPierce said...

I believe in being prepared. If movies have taught me anything it is that eventually the children will turn on us.

Merry Christmas right back!

RubyRed said...

haha, loved the quiz. Turns out I can only take 14 five year olds... which is so not true, I've taken 30 at once one time, haah... if you liked that quiz, I think you might enjoy this other quiz I found called how “ubergeek” are you. It's here I got a really good kick out of the answers :)