Friday, November 30, 2007


Out of the 4 conveniently located theaters, and the one slightly unconveniently located theater not a single one of them is playing "No Country For Old Men?"

This is like "Grindhouse" and "Black Snake Moan" all over again!

I guess the backwards little area that I currently am stuck calling home has made it's decision. And that decision is "Fred Clause". Why do I say that? Because if I'm remembering right 4 out of the 5 theaters previously mentioned were playing "Fred" some in multiple rooms...concurrently.

Mark my words, this is is the type of thing that makes people snap.


The McGuffin said...

You tryin' to tell me that not one theater in Lansing or East Lansing which is home to the mighty Spartans of MSU is playing "No Country?"...what you talkin' bout, Willis?

FatalPierce said...

Actually the Lansing theater that was on our radar was the inconveniently located one that I mentioned. Upon further inspection I have been able to locate a Lancing theater that is playing it, thats a little over an hour drive. Tough sell but I'm going to give it a shot.

...Although going to Lansing always creeps me out a bit, everything is all green and white. I used to be more of a Wolverine man myself, until a few years ago when I switched over to the Sooners.

Let me tell ya it sucks being a non driver in a rural area without public transportation.

FatalPierce said...

Ah ha! There is hope. The Lansing theater is supposed to be getting "No Country" on Friday!

The McGuffin said...

Hour drive? It's easily worth it. I'd pull a rickshaw in the snow...uphill, to see it again. The best movie of the year. Well, besides "300", of course...:)

FatalPierce said...

The plan is now to be up in the morning here in a few hours to make the trek to see the flick.

small note to self. Going to Lansing...must remember not to wear Wolverines jacket.