Friday, November 16, 2007

Ignore the writing but watch the video

Say what you will about The Rock but I say he is in fact a big deal. Need proof? Just check out this video, a little gem from "Be Cool" (A movie with two bright spots, The Rock, and Vince Vaughn, and little else)

Yes the video is silly, in fact it might be a little nuts but there is a lot going on in there. Though the movie was a bit of a stinker the character was not. The Rock really brought Elliot to life. While doing so he also proved that not only is he talented, but he is willing to have a little bit of fun, he is willing to take a few risks, and he is worthy of our attention.

Hell the guy should get credit for going along with a scene that involved John Travolta kicking his ass...I mean really?

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