Saturday, July 21, 2007

I call shenanigans!

Ok let me get this straight. I order an item a long time in advance, I pay extra shipping to assure that it is on my doorstep on the Saturday morning that it is ships, it travels (I checked the UPS tracking) and everything looks fine...Then Saturday morning comes and no package, no nothing. Well I live out in a rural area so I figured that it would probably be in the afternoon anyway...But in the afternoon no package. I get a little upset by about 4 so I check on the tracking status and it claims deliery at 8 in the morning. Well that itself isn't that unusual either, for some reason since moving here packages constantly say "delivered" when they mean "on truck for deliver" but this is the first time that the damned thing didn't make an appearance at all on the delivery date.

Obviously I'm talking about the new Potter book, which I'm not really that fanatical about. I like the books good enough, I don't preach them or anything. I did want to get to read this one before the spoilers ran wild...which now apparently won't happen. Unless of course I shut myself in and don't touch the Internet until I can clear up this little snafu.

Oh how I long for the day that I can sit back and have all of my media delivered to me on my sweet sweet Interociter


The McGuffin said...

"...and I've been using it to make hot chocolate."

Take heart, at least UPS can't destroy a book like they do with many fragile items. I have shipped a lot of drums in my day, and sometimes I swear those UPS guys are ex-soccer stars from Brazil.

What can brown do for me? Get me my damn book on time!

FatalPierce said...

Gotta love Servo! Man I wish they had done another theatrical MST3k or two...There are so many movies that would fit.

Yeah I bet that you didn't know that the first five minutes or so of "Ace Ventura" was actually a UPS documentary did you?