Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Review of a review?

Did you heed my words? I sure hope you did, if not you really did cheat yourself.

In case you aren't sure what I am talking about (and you didn't click my handy link in the first paragraph) over the last weekend (March 10, 11) my favorite film critic (and a heck of a nice person I may add) Kim Morgan sat in for Roger Ebert on Ebert & Roeper. As a matter of fact as of this posting you can still watch the episode on the website. If you missed it when it aired I really do suggest you take the time and go to the site.

So, onto my thoughts, as if they weren't apparent already.

Starting the show off talking about 300 worked out great. Starting out with something both hosts agreed on was a nice soft conflict free beginning. Bonus points definitely awarded to Kim for bringing up Frank Miller and the graphic novel. Knowing how the film compared to the book is quite frankly (to those like me at least) something that is important one way or the other and usually overlooked in mainstream reviews. Very cool on all counts here. Also while I am speaking of 300 I think it only appropriate that I join in and post this video if only to further immortalize the phrase heard round the world(kind wish I could have come up with a better name for it(I also wish that I could stop using parentheses)).

Also talked about on the show were The Namesake, Beyond the Gates, I Think I Love My Wife, The Host, and DVD picks Casino Royale and Baby Doll. Don't worry, I'm not going to rehash every review right here, but I think perhaps a few bullet points (not literal) may be in order.

Kim knows her stuff, she knows it well. Anyone who is a regular reader of hers knows this. What you don't get to see in her writings is just how well she is able to articulate her thoughts aloud. Also in writing you don't see a lot of counterpointing going on but when those occasions came up she was more than able to back her opinions up.

I got the feeling at times that Roeper himself knew that he was being outdone, let me clarify I am not a Richard Roeper hater the man has a job and he does it the way they hired him to do it(otherwise why would it still be his job right?). That being said it seemed like when he disagreed with Kim on some points (The Host and The Namesake come to mind immediately) he wasn't shy about trying to overpower and bully his opinion even going as far as to cut her off or talk over her. To her credit as I said Kim did not back down and she made her points.

More bonus points to Kim for referring to Louis C.K. as great.

Another thing I noticed, Kim Morgan.. apparently a hand talker. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

If anything about the whole production disappointed me(other than my little nitpick about the bullying/cutoffs) it has to be the time set aside to talk about DVD picks. Yes I know that “Casino Royale” is new to DVD and probably more attractive to the general people at home but come on don't we all know by now what the movie is about and that it is good? On the other hand you have Kim's pick “Baby Doll” a movie that I wasn't familiar with before this week, one that I would have liked to hear a bit more about on the show. Though to be honest I don't need to hear exactly what made the movie great. Kim recommended it and that is good enough for me. Which of course means that it is on its way to my mailbox even as I type this.

Ok one last point I promise. What was that awesome idea that Roeper said in passing? A Kim Morgan Film Fest... Count me in!

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