Friday, March 16, 2007

Hu che

Anyone who knows me can probably tell you that I could be considered a Browncoat. I may not be as active a one as I could be, but the fact is I do consider myself part of the group. Another bit of common knowledge about me is that I hail from the (great?) state of Oregon. What do these two tidbits of info have to do with each other? I'm glad you asked.

The Portland Browncoats have announced this years charity screenings of Serenity for June 22, and 23 at the Hollywood theater (in Portland).

This year in addition to Equality Now (Joss Whedon's charity of choice) a portion of the proceeds will also go to the Women's Film Initiative. I really shouldn't have to say how undeniably cool it is that so much good can come from a short lived but amazingly brilliant television show and it's subsequent movie continuation. If I were to find myself back home visiting on those days I would most definitely be in attendance. Knowing me I would probably show up on both days.

Remember, these charity showings happen all over the place, but Portland is near and dear to me...much as I hate to admit it.

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