Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another candle on the cake pie
That makes sixteen twenty Six

I've never been a huge fan of birthdays, mine especially. Some are good, most are bad. In the end it pretty much just chalks up to another day, right?

My birthday happens to be tomorrow (Sunday). Normally the only thing truly different that would happen on that day for me is random people thinking it is ok to accost me with song. I'm changing things up this year. I am declaring this a time of “Leave me alone and let me watch and enjoy movies all weekend”.

No wait, not you. Never you, I meant the other people. The stress inducers.

I made this decision basically because the last couple of weeks have been pretty much hectic and stressful. Hey a guys gotta unwind somehow right? Actually I have a few reasons for making this a multi movie weekend. I am way behind on watching stuff, I have a pile of them I keep meaning to watch but never seem to be able to. Also I am running out of things to write about so I decided if I can get a couple of decent flicks under my belt I an bust out another abridged movie review or two(aren't you excited?). Plus like I mentioned above, I could really use the relaxation time. If I was a partier I would go out and have fun, but crowds frighten me and people might be carrying germs.

I actually kicked the weekend off late last night with The Departed which I really enjoyed. Then this morning I watched The Evil Dead.

Also on the (tentative) itinerary are The Proposition, Battle Royale, Baby Doll, Magnum Force, The Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, Borat, Traffic, and The Black Dahlia, and possibly (if I can get my hands on it) Infernal Affairs. Now I highly doubt I will get to every single movie on this list in just about a day and a half... not until I can get that damn Flux Capacitor working again. But I am going to try to go through as many as possible.

My only non movie related plan for the weekend is to pay a visit to the Weezy and the Swish chat tonight during the show. It looks like the show/chat won't be until tomorrow, so my plans change accordingly. On the plus side the guest on the show is set to be Gary Owens. I plan on trying to ask a Blue Falcon related question.

I am not sure how well my plans are going to work, but I did come up with a short list of possible outcomes.

1: I end up having an awesome weekend as I exit the halfway mark of my twenties and head into the “closer to 30” demographic.

2: Catastrophic failure of everything resulting in not only my death but an explosion rendering a least one third of the planet uninhabitable for a good hundred years.

9: The resurrection of the dead.

... Now if you will excuse me I must go warm up my Interociter and start up the movies.

P.S. In case you were wondering I do not really like cake all that much, instead I like to celebrate with a nice birthday pie. Usually lemon or chocolate, but never ever pumpkin! I wonder if you could get 26 candles on a pie and light them before they fall?