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Wow, so I recently realized that my old old blog was still up somewhere (hidden in the depths of the Internet) and for some reason or the other I decided that it may be a good idea to make an archive. Then I realized that I should maybe read some of the stuff I had to say back then. A painful endeavor to say the least. I kept having to ask myself “Was I really that young and stupid?” For the record that was a rhetorical question, sadly I know what the answer is...

There was a slight highlight to the reading, I was able to recover the birth of the Askewed Reviews! They are, well... some of them are blaring reminder of just how different a viewer I was back then. I guess the plus side is they show me that in the past six or so years I have evolved, grown in some way or the other, learned to appreciate new things, shed some bad habits, grown...or something like that.

So I've asked Mr. Peabody and Sherman to set up the Wayback Machine so we can take a journey and I can attempt to see what the hell was up with my brain back then.

06/29/2002 18:51:00
Abridged movie review
Mr. Deeds
Starring: Adam Sandler, Wynona Ryder.
Review: Much funnier than anticipated, worth the price of admission for any Sandler fan.
that is all

Wow, I wasn't screwing around when I named the “Abridged Reviews” was I? That is barely a sentence. This is an instance where I still feel close to the same about this movie as I did back then. Based on the low expectations I had at the time the flick was good. By my standards today it is an OK flick. OK meaning when you hold it up against other Sandler flicks of the same type it is just average.

07/06/2002 18:18:00
Abridged movie review time
brought to you as always by Netfix ... kinda.

First up Pootie Tang What can I say but sa-da-tay ... sa-da-tay. ok so the movie was not the most intelligent movie nor did it have the best script ever written. But... it's not supposed to , it's supposed to be a fun movie and it succeeds at being that, great cast, good jokes, and a unique enough idea make this worth throwing onto your Netflix list somewhere in the middle just to break up your viewing habbits.

Next up Zoolander I resisted seeing this movie when it first came out because it frightened me to my very soul, but since I was pretty much the only person in class who hadn't come over to the dark side I decided to give it a shot. It's not bad, like Pootie this is not the most well written movie out there, I would say this one has a higher budget and is probably my favorite out of the two. Of course the extras in this movie were pretty top notch as well, deleted scenes, extended scenes, and my favorite outtakes (you gotta love improvised scene outtakes).

and since I didn't say anything I will talk a bit about A Beautiful Mind I Love this movie, it's very well written, directed greatly, and the actors were just fantastic. I don't pretend to know a lot about John Nash but I will say there were some liberties taken with his story for the sake of the movie, but the heart of it is still there and that is good. The bonus disc was okay.. not the greatest from my feeling but there were a couple things I really liked on it, Ron Howard getting a lesson from the real Nash being the best probably, also I liked the little feature on casting the main roles.

All in all I would say A Beautiful Mind should be a must see on anyone who enjoys a good movies list. Zoolander, and Pootie Tang are decent breaks from the normal grind of things but I would definitely put both of these as nothing more than rent, whereas I would say A Beautiful Mind is a buyer.

Hmm ok in order

“Pootie Tang”: Yeah, I really wish that I had been on some kind of drugs or booze for this one but sadly it was just me back then. My bad. Somehow I have a feeling I would have trouble sitting through the entire movie these days. I wish I could be more lenient on it than I am if only because of the respect I have for Louis CK, but I just can't.

“Zoolander”: Shockingly I still enjoy this movie for what it is. Though I'm sure I would feel a lot differently if it wasn't for my time at ITT and all of the quoting that came from it, I'm calling the nostalgia card on this one. Plus Will Ferrell as Mugatu still cracks me up (and I wish I could figure out why!). The movie makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

“A Beautiful Mind”: I really was in love with this movie when I first saw it. It has been so long since I've seen it I hesitate to say if I still would feel the same now. Between then and now I've definitely expanded my film horizons so it very well could be that my feelings wouldn't be as strong anymore. Though I'm not at all embarrassed about my initial reaction to this one back then (not like I was over the “Pootie Tang” debacle...damn you Pootie Tang, damn you).

07/16/2002 19:51:00
abridged movie review time
Reign of Fire,
that will be all

See that? I totally busted out a one word review. Awesome!
However I'm sure what I really meant to say was “What this movie lacks in substance it nearly makes up for in visual style.” Yeah something like that.

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