Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2002 is a palindrome....

Ahh, more 2002 this could be fun (yeah right). So July of '02, what was up back then? Well I was 21, to a lot of people that is an important age because alcohol finally becomes legally available to you. Strangely 21 didn't hold that significance for me, I'm one of those weird freaks in the world that doesn't drink. Not a drop. To me 21 was the age of legal gambling, oh how I love those dirty dirty slots...moving on

Other things to note of 2002. I was smack dab in the middle of my time at ITT Tech. Thanks to ITT I was waking up somewhere between 4:30 and 5AM most days of the week. I am not what you would call a morning person so my breakfasts usually revolved around a Pepsi followed by a redbull, I never could get down with coffee. I lived within walking distance of at least 3 movie theaters. I was just starting to move to Linux as my may OS of choice. I was reading a (sometimes confusing) mixture of Anne Rice and Douglas Adams, and I was getting geared up for a TV show that I just knew would be completely awesome and long lasting. A little show called "Firefly." Also I was apparently blogging...poorly (as opposed to what I'm doing now?)

So now we pick back up in 2002 where we left off last time...

07/26/2002 23:50:00
what a week(slightly edited to take out boring geek related babble)

Last night I went to an advanced screening of Austin Powers Goldmember, (is one day early advanced?) I thought it was Hilarious, and would love to see more from these character, I would however say in any further installments maybe just have Meyers do his main 3 characters. All in all I think part 2 is still my fav but it's a 2 way tie for second place.

On the Netflix front I've gone through a few more, first off "Men Cry Bullets" I cannot remember then names of the main stars but Jeri Ryan has a decent sized role in this movie. This is definitely not a movie for everyone it's pretty crazy, has a very big independent film vibe to it. I would not buy it again, but if it were on cable at 3 am and I had insomnia I would probably give it a watch. Also I rented one called "Colins Sleazy Friends" it's like a dvd of a cable show, must be either HBO/showtime type or public access, anyway the guy interview main stream stars and a lot of adult film stars, once again here I can see 3 am value but not something I really wanted to see at 1 in the afternoon.

"Austin Powers: Goldmember": Hilarious? Hmmm, nah I don't feel that way anymore. Humorous? Sure. I was right on the nose as far as Meyers stretching himself just a tad thin though, the character of Goldmember was good for maybe 2 minutes but after that it was eh. I did however really enjoy Michael Caine as Nigel Powers, he played the part with just enough ridiculousness to pull it off. I think I've also rolled over on my declaration of the second movie being my favorite. I just find the first one infinitely more quotable these days.

"Men Cry Bullets": Man, I'd completely forgotten about this movie. As a matter of fact just reading through the synopsis on Netflix right now nothing at all other than Jeri Ryan rings a bell. That may speak more about my attention span and memory (or lack thereof) than the movie itself. Somehow it ended up with 4 stars on my Netflix rating, which means I have to rerent it so I can see what the real rating should be.

"Colin's Sleazy Friends": Yeah I'm vetoing the 3am appeal of this flick. There are just way too many better comedy alternatives out there these days to waste your time on this thing. Sadly where I can't remember "Men Cry Bullets" I do remember "Colin's Sleazy Friends" and what I do remember I wish that I could forget...My suggestion? Pick up one of the "Comedians of Comedy" DVD's instead.

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