Friday, August 10, 2007

A brief video interlude while we iron out some technical difficulties. plan was to talk about the experience of watching 209 minutes of subtitled "Das Boot" a movie that is on the top of many lists and as usual I have yet to see. Unfortunately once I got home with the DVD and popped it into my player I was met with artifacts, screeches and eventually a freezing screen. Large deep scratches and near gouges disc can do that. I'm not super upset, these things do happen, I'll just put it on my online rental queue. The thing that always worries me is that I'll get a jerk at the local store who will think I did the damage. Gonna take it back in tomorrow, we'll see what happens (I need to think of a suitable replacement since I know they only have the one copy of that movie).

So, instead of actual content how about a couple of videos followed within 24 hours by a progress report on my IMDB list quest.

Video 1. David Tennant(My personal choice in Doctor) and Catherine Tate in a Comic Relief bit from this year (British TV is starting to make me completely jealous)

Video 2. A picture tribute to some of the women of film. I don't think this will need an explanation. about one more. Because the Sci-Fi channel is currently reminding me that it is time to watch the actual movie again here is a little bit of Flash Gordon!


The McGuffin said...

That Women in Film clip is captivating. And it's nice to see my all time fave, Holly Hunter, included with the other major talents of her day.

FatalPierce said...

Well if you are going to bring up Holly Hunter I am going to bring up how great she was in "Raising Arizona", She was also pretty darned good in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Hmm....Is it a coincidence that those two movies popped into my head immediately. Or is my brain telling me it is about time to pop some Coen goodness into the ol' DVD player?

The McGuffin said...

She was great in those two movies. But, the one that made me fall for her hard was "Always.", did she ever, sassy and hot. "Always" is a pretty underrated Spielberg venture. It's his 1989 remake of "A Guy Named Joe" and actually has a rare cameo from the timeless Audrey Hepburn...and was filmed in Ephrata, Libby and around southern Spokane. Damn I dig Holly Hunter, she, just like Ms. Cross from Rushmore has "something you just can't put your finger on" as Bill Murray once described her.