Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Abridged Review: Cloverfield



The McGuffin said...

Saw Ironman tonight. Not bad for an action movie. In fact, it was pretty damn good. RDJ was droll to the max and serious as well when called upon. As a guy that's slightly older, RDJ will always be that crazy youth from Less Than Zero and Weird Science. But now with Ironman, Zodiac, etc. he's really coming into his own on the silver screen. Ironman was worth the 10 clams.

FatalPierce said...

I really liked Iron Man, I'm actually hoping I can make it to town again to see it in the theater a second time. RDJ totally stole the character of Tony Stark. I really can't imagine anyone else taking the role. Plus, ya know. How often do you get to see Charlie Chaplan take on The Dude?

The movie gave me a new perspective on the Iron Man comics as well. I was thinking about picking up the Essential book.

I also thought RDJ was really good in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."