Sunday, October 28, 2007


Well the plan for tonight was an abridged review of David Cronenberg's Crash. Unfortunately one viewing wasn't enough for me to glean a solid opinion so I'm going to have to re rent and re watch it and see if I can form an actual opinion. Otherwise it'll just be three or four paragraphs of treading water(which believe me I can do, I ramble almost as well as I overuse parentheses).

In the meantime why not go read Kim Morgan's thought on Crash. After all her words are the ones that inspired me to give the movie a shot in the first place.

And now to point out my own complete lack of content I shall share yet another Youtube video. This time it is a fan video put together for a Jonathan Coulton song called RE: Your Brains. The video gets a 33.33333% bump in coolness for the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness clips included.


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